Oct 01

Film review – Firewall (2006)

Film review – Firewall (2006)


Rating: 4/10

Starring: Harrison Ford, Paul Bettany, Virginia Madsen, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jimmy Bennett, Carly Schroeder, Robert Forster, Robert Patrick, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Kett Turton, Vince Vieluf, Vincent Gale, Alan Arkin

Directed by: Richard Loncraine

Review: Firewall is a largely uninspiring bank robbery movie with a modern twist. Harrison Ford takes the lead as a security expert at a bank who is forced to rob his own bank while his family are held hostage. The twist being that he has to do it electronically hacking into his own system.

Supposedly full of tension leading to the final conclusion it is in fact as dull as dishwater. The plot has been done and done over the years and so holds no real surprises, or, more importantly, interest. On top of that none of the performances are particularly special. Harrison Ford and Paul Bettany try but they can’t save it and the rest are forgettable.

I’ve seen worse but that’s no excuse. A lifeless script, direction and acting suggests no one really cared about this one. Just going through the routine, churning another one out. Skip it, a waste of time.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firewall_%28film%29

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0408345/

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