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Film review – Romantics Anonymous (2010)

Film review – Romantics Anonymous (2010)

Romantics Anonymous

Rating: 7/10

Starring: Benoît Poelvoorde, Isabelle Carré, Lorella Cravotta, Lise Lamétrie, Swann Arlaud, Pierre Niney, Stéphan Wojtowicz, Jacques Boudet, Alice Pol, Céline Duhamel, Philippe Fretun, Grégoire Ludig, Philippe Gaulé, Joëlle Séchaud, Isabelle Gruault, Claude Aufaure, Philippe Laudenbach, Marie-Christine Demarest

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Améris

Review: Film review – Romantics Anonymous (2010) – This is the story of two people who are unable to form relationships. They come in contact whilst working for the same company and after many false starts and painful encounters they slowly come together. The two leads are Benoît Poelvoorde (Jean-René) and Isabelle Carré ( Angélique) and both manage their parts well, there’s good chemistry and comedy.

Jean-René is the owner of a chocolate makers which is going out of business because its chocolates have gone out of fashion. He decides to employ someone to sell the chocolates as a last attempt to save the business. Angélique applies for the job misunderstanding the nature of the job, she thinks they want a chocolate maker. Because neither is able to communicate effectively Angélique ends up getting the job as saleswoman and begins going out and trying to sell the chocolates. This is doomed because she has no sales skills and no one wants to buy their chocolates because they are old fashioned.

Slowly and painfully Jean-René and Angélique start to come together and while this is happening Angélique decides to try and help the business by coming up with a new chocolate range (She’s a very talented chocolate maker). Can they save the company? Watch and see.

Although this film has only just come out, for me, its an old fashioned French film. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, it is in the best traditions of French cinema. The characters have well developed characters and the humour is straight out of the sixties. There’s some nice comedy moments and a subtle romance running through the piece. Well worth a watch.

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