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Film review – Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Film review – Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Where Eagles Dare

Rating: 10/10

Starring:  Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure, Patrick Wymark, Michael Hordern, Donald Houston, Peter Barkworth, William Squire, Robert Beatty, Brook Williams, Neil McCarthy, Vincent Ball, Anton Diffring, Ferdy Mayne, Derren Nesbitt

Directed by: Brian G. Hutton

Review: Film review – Where Eagles Dare (1968) – This is a classic war movie. Great blend of action and suspense combined with good acting, mostly from Richard Burton and a great sound track to go with it.

A team of specialists are sent into southern Bavaria to rescue a US general who could reveal valuable secrets to the Germans if he talks under torture. Richard Burton leads the team, with Clint Eastwood brought in as he’s an American (the reason will become apparent).

This is not your average war film. There are more twists and turns than you could reasonably hope for and the film is summed up by one line from Clint Eastwood towards the end “Major, right now you got me about as confused as I ever hope to be”.

The bad guy is the SS officer Von Happen trying to foil the plan, creepily played by Derren Nesbitt. He’s the very personification of a creepy SS Officer.

Love the ending with one of the great cinematic moments of all time as all the spying and intrigue come together. Not a serious war film but a greatly entertaining one.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Where_Eagles_Dare

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065207/

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